Sonic Arts Society debuts with four releases on Faith Strange

Faith Strange presents four full length digital releases from

Sonic Arts Society

Sleepcycle – fs18


SLEEPCYCLE back cover-01

From This That Waking Is (First Movement) – fs 19

from this that waking is I cover


From This That Waking Is (Second Movement) – fs 20



From This That Waking Is (Third Movement) – fs 21



All four 16 bit digital albums can be downloaded on Bandcamp

by naming your price

for one month’s time only

then afterwards will have set purchase prices.

A very limited, expertly mastered, one time edition containing 96k / 24 bit audiophile files on 1x dvd-audio disc

with From This That Waking Is presented in its originally intended one hour and fifty three minute uninterrupted form

 and 44.1k / 16 bit cd quality files on 4x cdr’s

 housed in a handmade folio

will be available in the next few weeks for the independent film industry and interested forward-thinking electronic music devotees



faith strange recordings


est. 1992

here, in the periphery of imagination


March 2013 – Heavy Rotation – on the stereo…

Mark Kozelek – Like Rats (Caldo Verde Records 2013)

Mark Kozelek – Live At The Phoenix Public House Melbourne  (Caldo Verde Records 2013)

Colin Vallon Trio – Rruga (ECM 2011)

Marcin Wasilewski Trio – Faithful (ECM 2011)

Julia Hülsmann Trio – Imprint (ECM 2011)

The Swifter – s/t (The Wormhole 2012)

Fabio Orsi & pimmon – Procrastination (Home Normal 2013)

Field Rotation – Regenzeit (Denovali 2011)

John Abercrombie / Ralph Towner – Sargasso Sea (ECM 1976)

Hafler Trio – How To Slice A Loaf Of Bread (Phonometrography 2003)

Hafler Trio – How To Slice A Loaf Of Bread (Lengthwise) (Phonometrography 2004)