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UPDATED June 14, 2015


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Updated December 5th, 2013

End of year info:

Due to the cold hard facts that digital downloads are increasingly being considered as disposable, unfulfilling, annoying to listen to it for more than 10 seconds and emotionally detached from the artistic process, Faith Strange will continue to pursue the physical format foremost, in cd, cdr and lp formats. All releases will continue to be released on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp digital formats for those that have shown interest in those as well but, there will be no more digitally exclusive releases and those that have been released exclusively in digital will be reissued in the physical domain in strictly limited editions. All past releases have been barred from companies such as Spotify (actually, this was done over two years ago and Faith Strange was one of the first independent labels to do so) since we feel corporations such as Spotify and others like them are destroying artist’s rights and are entrenched with corporate greed. The music industry was decimated with the first wave of major labels and the havoc they caused for professional  musicians. We certainly do not need a second wave of ‘major labels’, this time with an even more malevolent intention. We do not support and blindly condone corporate greed and control on any level. And never will.



Sonic Arts Society debuts with four releases on Faith Strange

Faith Strange presents four full length digital releases from

Sonic Arts Society

Sleepcycle – fs18


SLEEPCYCLE back cover-01

From This That Waking Is (First Movement) – fs 19

from this that waking is I cover


From This That Waking Is (Second Movement) – fs 20



From This That Waking Is (Third Movement) – fs 21



All four 16 bit digital albums can be downloaded on Bandcamp

by naming your price

for one month’s time only

then afterwards will have set purchase prices.

A very limited, expertly mastered, one time edition containing 96k / 24 bit audiophile files on 1x dvd-audio disc

with From This That Waking Is presented in its originally intended one hour and fifty three minute uninterrupted form

 and 44.1k / 16 bit cd quality files on 4x cdr’s

 housed in a handmade folio

will be available in the next few weeks for the independent film industry and interested forward-thinking electronic music devotees



faith strange recordings


est. 1992

here, in the periphery of imagination

A Guide For Reason – Iconography – to be released


A Guide For Reason


March 23rd, 2013

The master is on its way to the pressing plant and we should have copies of the third A Guide For Reason album ‘Iconography’ in a month’s time. Originally slated as an lp release, the recording quickly changed into a double lp of 4, side-long tracks making the costs of issuing a double lp in today’s environment with out of control postage costs and more and more distributors being wary of carrying high ticket items from independent artists out of the question at this time.

The cd instead has been sensitively mastered in 24 bit / 96k audiophile fidelity using one of the industry’s best AD / DA converters to reflect the warmth inherent in audiophile vinyl pressings and to be quite honest, sounds much better than it could have on lp because of it’s enhanced dynamic field and separation sorely missing on most recent vinyl recordings being manufactured today in my opinion, but that’s the subject of another discussion altogether. It is also a pleasure to listen to these 4 tracks uninterrupted in one listen. The recording will be issued in a mini lp gatefold sleeve with a matte varnish finish, as the later orchestramaxfieldparrish recordings were. This is the 16th official Faith Strange Recording to date, not including private pressings without catalog numbers  since 1992. We have plans to issue the 24 bit hi definition recordings on Bandcamp if their extensive file size will allow them to. By releasing this material on wider distributed glass mastered cd and 24 bit files, the music will hopefully reach more people who unfortunately missed out on the limited micro pressings of the first two albums. The next release to be issued soon on Faith Strange is Gods Of Electricity – ‘Thus Spoke‘, sometime in the Summer of 2013 on 180 gram lp. The next two A Guide For Reason albums, ‘The Vast Apart’  and ‘Interiors’, also to be released this Summer, look to be FLAC only releases at this moment, but this could change.

In conclusion, this is a recording that I am immensely satisfied with as it is keeping with the tone and direction of the project as unclassifiable, challenging, non-genre specific and unlike anything being released today but if I may add, is the sexiest music I have ever produced. – MF

December 2012 – Heavy Rotation – on the stereo… & MF’s Best of 2012

MF’s faves:



Dead Can Dance – Anastasis

2) John Cale – Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood

3) Jan Bang, Erik Honoré – Uncommon Deities

others, in no particular order:

Various – Vol. 2 – Jazz on Film: Beat, Square & Cool

Deep Listening Band – Great Howl At Town Haul

These Feathers Have Plumes – Hegira

Eivind Aarset – Dream Logic

Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch – Concerning The Entrance Into Eternity

Robert Fripp | Andrew Keeling | David Singleton – The Wine Of Silence

Vikki Jackman, Andrew Chalk & Jean-Nöel Rebilly – A Paper Doll’s Whisper Of Spring

X-TG – Desertshore / The Final Report

Floratone – Floratone II


Heavy Rotation (December 2012):

1. Kip Hanrahan – Pinero (2004)

2. John Cale – Eat / Kiss, Music For The Films Of Andy Warhol (1997)

3. John Cale – EP: Extra Playful (2011)

4. Claudia Quintet + 1 – What Is The Beautiful? (2011)

5. Russell Mills & Mike Fearon – Cleave | Soft Bullets (2002)

6. Ian Holloway – The Thoughts Of Rivers (2012)

7. Jon Hassell – Last Night The Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes In The Street (2009)

8. Andrew Chalk – Forty Nine Views In Rhapsodies Wave Serene (2012)

9. Alio Die – Deconsecrated And Pure (2012)