two new works to be released in the new year

Updated November 15, 2017

Two new works planned for the new year:

Almost complete and ready for pressing is the latest Gods Of Electricity album entitled ‘Thus Spoke’. Original sessions were recorded two years ago and now has finally been completed. This album consists of the trio setting of Mike Fazio (electronics, etc.), Thomas Hamlin (percussion) and David Conrad (double bass). Limited edition CD / download formats.

Additionally, there will be a new album from Fazio entitled ‘The Vast Apart’. Original sessions were done in 2009 as demos for a planned live project that never came to fruition. The tracks have now undergone a re-imagining and remix and are scheduled to be released as a limited edition CD / download release as well.



A Guide For Reason – Iconography – to be released


A Guide For Reason


March 23rd, 2013

The master is on its way to the pressing plant and we should have copies of the third A Guide For Reason album ‘Iconography’ in a month’s time. Originally slated as an lp release, the recording quickly changed into a double lp of 4, side-long tracks making the costs of issuing a double lp in today’s environment with out of control postage costs and more and more distributors being wary of carrying high ticket items from independent artists out of the question at this time.

The cd instead has been sensitively mastered in 24 bit / 96k audiophile fidelity using one of the industry’s best AD / DA converters to reflect the warmth inherent in audiophile vinyl pressings and to be quite honest, sounds much better than it could have on lp because of it’s enhanced dynamic field and separation sorely missing on most recent vinyl recordings being manufactured today in my opinion, but that’s the subject of another discussion altogether. It is also a pleasure to listen to these 4 tracks uninterrupted in one listen. The recording will be issued in a mini lp gatefold sleeve with a matte varnish finish, as the later orchestramaxfieldparrish recordings were. This is the 16th official Faith Strange Recording to date, not including private pressings without catalog numbers  since 1992. We have plans to issue the 24 bit hi definition recordings on Bandcamp if their extensive file size will allow them to. By releasing this material on wider distributed glass mastered cd and 24 bit files, the music will hopefully reach more people who unfortunately missed out on the limited micro pressings of the first two albums. The next release to be issued soon on Faith Strange is Gods Of Electricity – ‘Thus Spoke‘, sometime in the Summer of 2013 on 180 gram lp. The next two A Guide For Reason albums, ‘The Vast Apart’  and ‘Interiors’, also to be released this Summer, look to be FLAC only releases at this moment, but this could change.

In conclusion, this is a recording that I am immensely satisfied with as it is keeping with the tone and direction of the project as unclassifiable, challenging, non-genre specific and unlike anything being released today but if I may add, is the sexiest music I have ever produced. – MF

Gods Of Electricity burning the midnight oil…


Gods Of Electricity have been spending their twilight hours at the Observatory these cold Winter nights busy summoning the muses and recording their follow up to Sundiving, working title: The Spark, which is taken from the piece of the same name recorded in 1983 by Æ, the first experimental outfit of T. Hamlin and M. Fazio which included Micky Ortiz (Noise ‘R Us, Paranoise) among other New York noise-niks. Once again, this recording will consist of 5 pieces which tentatively are:

13 Full Moons
Miles Out
Gold, Amber And Forgotten Regalia
However Measured Or Far Away
The Spark

for Micky and the angels that hold him

There were approximately 3 full albums worth of music that was recorded during the Sundiving sessions in 2005 but these pieces have nothing to do with them. We hope to have this out and about by year’s end – may the Gods smile down on us…

orchestramaxfieldparrish’s ‘Tears’ remaster / reissue available March 4, 2008

tears remaster

Due to demand, 2002’s ‘Tears‘ has been reissued in a second edition and has been remastered in 24 bit 128k audiophile fidelity.

This new design is professionally printed & duplicated and will come in a 4 color folder with archival rice paper cd sleeve, vellum insert and banderole. Very cool indeed…

life with the lions – Otherness

the new recording from life with the lions titled Otherness is scheduled to be released sometime in 2009. Some surprise guests will be included this time out rounding out the sound. Included will be a new version of the out of print college/indy hit The Garden and a very original remake of the George Harrison classic All Things Must Pass.

to be released on faith strange.