A Guide For Reason XIII-XIV (review in Vital Weekly)

Updated April 27, 2015

A very kind review for A Guide For Reason XIII-XIV can be found below.

Thank you Frans.

from Vital Weekly:

Great, pro-printed package here, which lifts the whole thing up, from a mere CDR to something beautiful. Mike Fazio, the man behind A Guide For Reason, created two new pieces, of twenty minutes each and in an ideal world this would have been released on LP. There is no mention of any instruments – as always – and in the past I guessed stuff like guitar, effects, synthesizer, tapes and e-bows, but in these two new pieces I’d say sound processing is the most prominent feature, and perhaps it is all from acoustic sources; heavily treated of course, as this is very much in the world of musique concrete, acousmatic music and electro-acoustic. The computer is at the central stage of processing, editing and mixing these compositions. I might be entirely wrong of course. The looseness of his music, which I found on his previous releases seems to be gone here and throughout I found these pieces more composed. A Guide For Reason moves from blocks to blocks in these pieces, linked together and each section is worked out pretty neatly. At times reminding me of Asmus Tietchens in his post-2000 music, but also harking back to Tietchens’ earlier work (‘Abfleischung’ for instance) in the louder parts of this music. These two pieces show Mike Fazio in great form in composing some truly engaging beautiful music. (FdW)

Address: http://www.faithstrange.com

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