UPDATED May 18, 2014


Some new works may see the light of day in the coming months. Formats are yet to be solidified due to the ever increasing costs to ship a 12″ overseas now ($19.00) which will bring any new limited edition lp close to $35.00 retail. CD’s are now $10.00 to ship for overseas mail. Since the international audience is the largest for all things Faith Strange, these realities are being weighed considerably. Most distributors are being their usual self-centered twits and refuse to carry most anything avant garde these days unless it’s on one of the ‘darling’ labels of the ‘established’ community. Amazon worldwide and CD Baby are still the best bet for buying anything still in print on Faith Strange and you can always drop us a line to buy direct which is always preferred. We will NOT be issuing anything new solely as a download only release anymore but downloads will be available when the physical format is finally released.


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  1. Fazio – The Vast Apart (A Collection Of Arcane Scenarios – Volume II)
    sounds intriguing…!! The self centered twits don’t deserve arcane scenarios or instant light. Leave that to your undying devoted fans who have ears to appreciate such sublime works of art.


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