May, 19th 2013 – Two new works on Faith Strange: A Guide For Reason – Iconography (fs16), Fazio – Interiors (fs17) released


A Guide For Reason – Iconography (fs16)

(limited edition CD in gatefold sleeve)


Fazio – Interiors (fs17)

 (24 bit digital and 16 bit digital albums)

Available for shipping the week of  May 20th, 2013. The first 50 copies of Iconography come with an insert for a complimentary download of Interiors in 16 bit FLAC or other 16 bit file formats of choice. There is a 24 bit FLAC format available as well for audiophiles, but this is not included with Iconography and only available separately.

Iconography will also be available separately in 24 bit or 16 bit digital albums as of June. The CD version in gatefold sleeve is a limited run and will not be reprinted once it is sold out.

We feel the FLAC formats have the closest fidelity to the original hi definition studio recordings and strongly recommend these over mp3’s or Apple Lossless. iTunes can play FLAC files with an easy update if your installed version does not have it already. For further information about FLAC digital files please see:

For further information, please visit:

160 kbps soundclips:

faith strange recordings on soundcloud

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  1. Incredible artwork, can’t wait to hear the new recordings! Well done…


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