Fazio’s Song Of The Day – 02-02-13 – The Stones – Bitch (live 1972)

Saw this in a pizza joint on 41st street in New York Shitty this week. Blew me away on large screen HD, (probably the only pizza place I know in Manhattan with cool music playing on video AND exceptional pizza.

The Stones live in 1972 within their glory years (1966 – 1981), before they descended into commercial mediocrity. Fuckin’ Rock n’ Roll, man! These guys are on fire here.

Made me realize that I never saw The Stones live all these years. Sad, but at least there’s these digital soundbite videos left behind in the great WWW in the sky for little 99% people like me to cherish.

Ah, the great 70’s. Gone but not forgotten.

And all is right in the world…

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  1. thanks for bringing this here for us to savor – we have to manifest and reflect as much as possible on those glory days, that are the 70s-

  2. Mediocrity, perhaps. Commercial, of course! I doubt Mr. Jagger ever sang a note on stage in his life he didn’t calculate the monetary value of. The lust for lucre has been a driving motivation for great rock & roll since the beginning. That’s why the form refuses to be reduced to mere “art.”


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