September 2008

“September’s here again…”

David Sylvian – Secrets Of The Beehive (1987)

– For me, music from the past invokes seasons. I believe time does this naturally to a recording where memory equates albums with the first time you had heard them and forever burns into your psyche the events that were taking place at that particular moment. One of Mr. Sylvian’s many many great recordings that always reminds me of September no doubt because of the opening track but more so with it’s subtle ambience of Summer’s end and the promise of Autumn. ‘Maria’ is an absolute classic.

The Hope Blister – …Smiles ok (1998)

– A collection of covers very different from the This Mortal Coil project from Ivo Watts-Russell with more of an eye towards atmospherics and grey solitude. The later ‘Underarms’ and the ‘Underarms And Sideways’ collections are reconstructions of this first album. Beautiful.

Bill Nelson – Luminous (1991)

– What could I possibly say about Mr. Nelson that’s not known or that has not been said already. A workaholic in the studio with a unique eye to recording and music in general. I’ve lost count of how many albums he’s done and I have them all! No one sounds like Bill except Bill. I can’t possibly remember how many times I have played this exquisite recording. Bill’s special expertise at drum programming thoroughly shines on this one.

Kitchens Of Distinction – Love Is Hell (1989)

– Kitchens’ first full length, although the ‘Prize’ 12 inch and the ‘Elephantine’ mini album pre-dated this recording. A chilly recording in the vein of Martin Hannett’s glorious productions. Great club music. Patrick, Julian & Dan, you blew the roof of New York when you played here every time!

Chameleons – Strange Times (1986)

– Their last recording before ‘The Sun And The Moon” rebirth. Try and find the vinyl edition with free 12″ which includes covers of ‘John, I’m Only Dancing’ & ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ if you can!

Steve Tibbetts – Yr (1980)

– For those in the know, Steve was selling this early album out of his house via mail order back in the day. You had to have been friends with good college radio DJ’s to know about this. The original ‘indy’ album. One of my prized possessions.

Patti Smith Group – Radio Ethiopia (1976)

– Patti at CBGB’s. New York City in the 70’s. This album captures those moments effortlessly. CBGB’s – R.I.P.

Thunderclap Newman – Hollywood Dream (1969)

– A gem from my childhood. I learned all of the guitar parts by heart and this album helped form the beginnings of my playing. ‘Accidents’ is timeless. Includes a serious collage of taped sound effects that has no modern peers except for ‘Revolution No.9’.

Morrissey – Your Arsenal (1992)

– Morrissey rocks out and let’s his hair down (a little). One of the late great Mick Ronson’s last recordings. Spectacular guitar playing.

a certain ratio – Force (1986)

– acr was a HUGE influence on Thomas Hamlin & I’s first musical endeavor Æ, from the early 80’s, and we were fortunate to have played with Simon in those great lazy days amongst many other incredible players. ‘Force’ should be regarded as acr Mark III, since Simon had long gone (Mark I) and the transitional disco period (Mark II) was now over in favor of one directed more towards Coltrane. A classic recording. Sounds as fresh today as it did 22 years ago.

Amazing Blondel – England (1972)

– Nobody I know knows of this album or of this band! Great pastoral acoustic guitar playing steeped in Vivaldi & all things Elizabethan. I may be wrong, but I don’t believe this ever made it to cd form and I’ve never seen another vinyl copy other than mine. Sad. This is wonderful music

The Cure – The Top (1984)

– Probably The Cure’s angriest noisiest album besides their nihilistic ‘Pornography’. ‘Give Me It’ is pure punk & spit & blood. The title track still gives me chills.

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