Winter 2007

MF’s BEST OF 2007


A Marble Calm – When Blue Turns To Grey (Tonefloat)

Blackfield – Blackfield II (We Put Out Records)

Bill Nelson – Secret Club For Members Only (Discs Of Ancient Odeon)

B.J. Nilsen – The Short Night (Touch)

Caligari, An Exquisite Corpse (CT-Collective)

Andrew Chalk – The River That Flows Into The Sands II (Faraway Press)

Andrew Chalk – Time Of Hayfield (Faraway Press)

Miles Davis -The Complete On The Corner Sessions (Columbia)

Fovea Hex / The Hafler Trio – Allure / The Answer (Die Stadt / Janet records)

Joni Mitchell – Shine (Hear Music)

Nine Horses – Money For All (Samadhisound)

Organum – Amen (Die Stadt)

Rameses III – Honey Rose (Important Records)

Ryuichi Sakamoto, Christian Fennesz – Cendre (Touch)

17 Pygmies – 13 Blackbirds 13 Lotus (Trakwerx)

Speech CT – (CT-Collective)

Spellewauerynsherde, Interpretations Various & Sundry (Bremsstrahlung Recordings)

Stephenhero – 57 Stars Of The Air Almanac (Ragoora)

David Sylvian – When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima (Samadhisound)

Terje Rypdal – To Be Continued (ECM reissue)

Richard Youngs – Autumn Response (Jagjaguwar)

Van Der Graaf Generator – Real Time (Fie! Records)


Ladd’s Heavy List (Winter 2007)

Nick Drake – Family Tree

Bill Nelson – Gleaming Without Lights

Robert Fripp – At The End Of Time

Isolde – You’re Alone In Red Riding Hood

Robin Guthrie / Harold Budd – Before The Day Breaks

Robin Guthrie / Harold Budd – After The Night Falls

Lisa Gerard / Jef f Rena – A Thousand Roads

Andrew Chalk – Shadows From The Album Skies

Andrew Chalk – Blue Eyes Of The March

Andrew Chalk – East Of The Sun

Mirror – Viking Funeral For A French Car

Ora – After Rainfall

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