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A Guide For Reason – Amerika (The Revolution Will Not Be Televised)

the sixth A Guide For Reason album

is released: faithstrange.bandcamp.com

Original music recorded for the short film “Rise And Fall” Spring 2018. Further editing produced tracks 3 & 4 of this edition. Tracks 1 & 2 produced March 2020.

This will be a download only release for the foreseeable future. Due to the developing epidemic, physical cassette production of this new release has been halted and will not be produced at the moment (but hopefully within 6 months).

Updated: March 19: 2020

Main website of www.faithstrange.com will be undergoing a design change for the month of April.

Updated: January 5, 2020

Happy New Year. For the entire month of January 2020 (and possibly beyond), the entire digital discography of Faith Strange has been discounted to 90% off. That’s $16.40 (or more if you wish) for 33 recordings. Buy one, two, three or all 33 recordings for that price. Cheers.


Updated: October 21, 2019

orchestramaxfieldparrish presents ÆRA – remain (as all things radiate and fade away, all still remain in memory) For Hector Zazou

the first orchestramaxfieldparrish presents ÆRA work since 2009



updated: August 11, 2019

anthéne | Slow Dancing Society | orchestramaxfieldparrish:


anthéne | Slow Dancing Society | orchestramaxfieldparrish: 


textura 004
Formats: digital; full-length CD 
(200 copies) 
Release date: August 1, 2019
Mastering: Mike Fazio 
Photography: Jürgen Heckel

Physical and digital copies of Swallowed by the Sky are available for purchase at the textura Bandcamp site.

TRACK LISTING (click on each track to hear a brief sound clip)

1. anthéne: “Letters From Across the Sea” (16:50) 
2. Slow Dancing Society: “Devils and Deeds” (17:46) 
3. orchestramaxfieldparrish: “The Clouds of Michelangelo” (17:50)

Conceived and created as a tribute to Joni Mitchell, Swallowed by the Sky presents original soundscapes by anthéne, Slow Dancing Society, and orchestramaxfieldparrish that were inspired by her music and honour her in spirit.

“These three ambient musicians dedicate their music to Joni, and in doing so, they evoke something just as deep as her soulful songs. … This sweet, soothing music has a light, feminine touch, singing on the air like a wordless expression of her vocal poetry.” (Fluid Radio, full review here)

“The music possesses a finely tuned synergy, one work preparing for and blending seamlessly into the next … This is certainly music with a broader, more philosophical perspective than most we are accustomed to.” (Azure Miles Records, full review here)

THOUGH THE NUMBER of popular artists who’ve had a transformative cultural impact is modest, Joni Mitchell is inarguably a member of that exclusive club. Certainly one indicator of her stature is the tribute compilation, of which a generous number have been released over the years, the recent Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration a prime example. In that and other instances, fellow singer-songwriters have recorded covers of her songs, but appreciation for Joni and her music extends beyond that immediate sphere to other stylistic realms, jazz and ambient soundscaping among them. To that end, Swallowed by the Sky, textura’s fourth release, sees a trinity of artists associated with the latter genre, anthéne (Brad Deschamps), Slow Dancing Society (Drew Sullivan), and orchestramaxfieldparrish (Mike Fazio), presenting newly created, long-form works that are, among other things, homages to an artist all three hold in high regard.

Joni aficionados will no doubt recognize allusions in both the album and composition titles, but Swallowed by the Sky‘s connections run deeper than mere reference. While the anthéne and Slow Dancing Society settings are very much true to the stylistic character of the work for which they’re known, their soundscapes feel as if her spirit was channeled during the creative process. To produce “Letters From Across the Sea,” Deschamps drew for inspiration from relatively scaled-down creations such as Clouds‘ “Tin Angel” and “Roses Blue” and explored the light-dark juxtapositions often present in her songs. In his piece’s opening minutes, gently undulating tones and washes induce deep entrancement as the piece works its meditative magic; gradual shifts in the terrain occur as elements emerge from the background and effect subtle shifts in mood before retreating, clearing a path for darker tonalities to assert themselves. Complementary to anthéne’s setting, Sullivan’s “Devils and Deeds” generates tension in the circumspect sequencing of its guitar and keyboard figures. A slowly mutating base provides a firm foundation over top of which melodic motifs recur, the gaps separating their voicings adding to the tension. This is material where every gesture resonates with meaning and purpose, such that the emergence of swollen bass throbs (at the thirteen- and fifteen-minute marks) startles the listener with their force.

If the orchestramaxfieldparrish setting is daringly different from the material Fazio has released under the alias before, it’s at the same time emblematic of his resolutely explorative approach to music-making. To bring “The Clouds of Michelangelo” into being, the guitarist worked with longtime friends Jo Gabriel (vocals) and Thomas Hamlin (percussion). Fazio began by using the C tuning (CACFGC) heard in “The Silky Veils of Ardor” and “Off Night Backstreet,” pieces redolent of the adventurous era that birthed The Hissing of Summer LawnsHejira, and Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter. The percussion elements nod to “Dreamland” and “The Jungle Line,” whereas the howls at track’s end reference the 1979 Mingus track “The Wolf That Lives in Lindsey” and were recorded at a Colorado wolf sanctuary. Fazio’s eighteen-minute contribution to the project is a fantastic voyage in the truest sense, a transporting creation that advances with a sense of inevitability from one episode to the next.

These and other details testify to the deep connection all three artists have to Joni and her music. The remarkable, richly textured works they’ve created likewise show how profoundly they’ve been affected by her work and Joni herself as an artistic figure. Swallowed by the Sky will no doubt be followed by other tributes, but it’s unlikely any will replicate it in stylistic terms. It’s as original an homage as could be imagined and thus dovetails perfectly with the spirit of the artist it honours.

Toronto-based Bradley Sean Alexander Deschamps operates as a solo artist under the anthéne alias and issues North Atlantic Drift material in partnership with Mike Abercrombie. Deschamps oversees Polar Seas Recordings and has released anthéne and North Atlantic Drift recordings on the label, as well as recordings by Celer, Hakobune, and David Newlyn, among others. Recent anthéne releases also have appeared on Home Normal, Whitelabelrecs, and Hibernate.

Slow Dancing Society
Since the release of his Slow Dancing Society debut The Sound of Lights When Dim in 2006, Spokane, Washington resident Drew Sullivan has mesmerized listeners with an impressive body of Hidden Shoal releases featuring his trademark blend of electronics, keyboards, and electric guitar. His recent two-volume set The Torchlight Parade, selected as textura’s top ambient release of 2018, shows this distinguished ambient-electronic artist operating at a creative high.

New York-based Mike Fazio has issued solo material under the orchestramaxfieldparrish guise since 1999, much of it through his Faith Strange imprint. His artistic sensibility has manifested itself in many different forms over the years, whether it be through releases issued under the orchestramaxfieldparrish name (2008’s The Silent Breath of Emptiness and 2010’s Crossing of Shadows, two examples of many) or as A Guide For Reason, orchestramaxfieldparrish presents ÆRA, or simply Fazio.

from fluid radio:

These original soundscapes – from anthéne, Slow Dancing Society, and orchestramaxfieldparrish – are a tribute to Joni Mitchell. Swallowed by the Sky, textura’s fourth release, is a homage to the singer-songwriter, revealing a deep appreciation for both person and music. Her legacy stretches far beyond any one genre or style, and while these aren’t covers – far from it – they channel her spirit. In some ways, they come closer to the truth of her music, touching meanings and lighting upon atmospheres in a deeper way. Covers can’t replicate that.

While there are plenty of compilations and covers of her songs, there hasn’t been much, if anything, in the way of ambient. Such is her range, she’s inspired artists and musicians from all over the musical spectrum, going way into other stylistic fields and touching all different areas of music. Just as Jeff Stonehouse channelled the spirit of Mexico’s Chavela Vargas with his Listening Mirror release, On The Passing of Chavela, so too do these three ambient musicians dedicate their music to Joni, and in doing so, they evoke something just as deep as her soulful songs.

This sweet, soothing music has a light, feminine touch, singing on the air like a wordless expression of her vocal poetry. Lyrics are huge in popular music, but music is so much more than that, and these instrumentals are able to delicately touch wider borders without the sweet entanglement of vocals. Brad Deschamps, Drew Sullivan, and Mike Fazio are all under her spell, and the music demonstrates a deep admiration and respect.

The pieces also explore the light-and-dark juxtapositions in her songs. Lightness is eclipsed and replaced by a subtle change in mood, the sky becoming overcast and sullen; a changing of the times. The bass is an anchor, and melodies are allowed to blossom: the trio give their pieces sustenance and grounding, and, much like Joni’s songs, they come from a place deep down in the soul, given free roam to flower. by James Catchpole

from azure miles records:


If you’re in a hurry go elsewhere. If you’re looking for something very expected, look elsewhere, too. Some degree of patience will be required, but if you plan carefully, or at least catch it at the right moment by chance, your time will be rewarded amply. 

I’m speaking of a new release from textura, the internationally renowned music publication based in Canada that fearlessly reviews new music amounting to practically a new review each day of the year. Textura regards the world’s most famous labels and newcomers equally, something rare beyond rare in an over-commercialized world often characterized by feeble intellectual curiosity and insight embracing relentless conformity.

This is the fourth release from textura, something done occasionally along with the prodigious outpouring of reviews.

Listening to the third track of Swallowed By the Sky, one imagines the last surviving inhabitants of earth leaving on a spacecraft while glancing backwards at our planet fading gradually out of view. You see, the music seems to suggest, we may, in fact, be too late to save earth, and this might well be the only way we survive in any form, searching for a new planet while sustained on crafts and whatever manmade space dwellings there might also be when we’ve reached that tipping point.

But one must not only examine the third track of this album. Indeed, the music possesses a finely tuned synergy, one work preparing for and blending seamlessly into the next, rendering the first and second tracks equally essential and riveting in terms of a whole and unified Being.

Symphonic in scope and also in sheer sound this music is, including powerful pedal points and glimpses of melodies and rhythms from the Eastern and Western hemispheres, all adding up to an appreciation of our planet’s myriad cultures and creatures and how imperiled we all are due to complacent mistreatment of the earth’s land, water and air. So appropriate the theme of this album being Joni Mitchell, who composed and recorded some of our most moving admonitions to preserving life on earth without reckless diminution of quality in songs like “Woodstock” and “Big Yellow Taxi”.

This is certainly music with a broader, more philosophical perspective than most we are accustomed to. The opening track sounds like a slowly melting glacier that has survived for millions of years only to now be threatened. 

Swallowed By the Sky seems to emanate not from humans, but from the earth itself, telling us to wake up and treat it like what it is – something living with a soul. Whether it’s the soul of God or the soul of the universal elements of air, water, earth and ether, the stuff of which we’re made, doesn’t really matter. All that may be sorted out much later. 

I say we heed Joni’s admonitions echoed by the music assembled here. It’s the cool thing to do let alone the right thing.

Listening to this album while driving through a kaleidoscope of rich and poor Los Angeles neighborhoods, it felt like Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, trying to talk to people who could not hear or see us because we were no longer there, it being too late. And when one car carried persons who must have come from a theatrical production because their skin was bright white and they looked like Hollywood aliens, this echoed my impressions of the third track being about leaving earth for another habitat.

Noteworthy how music I suppose might be inadequately classified as “ambient” – a category I have rarely listened to – has marked connections to the avant-garde music of John CageMorton Feldman and others, together with the opening Alap section of Indian ragas. Late-Romantic European music and Neo-Romantic twentieth century music is not my field of expertise, but such linkages are readily apparent, too.

Put this music on early in the morning, or late at night when you are least likely to be interrupted, or on a long car ride. The effect is something Shivkumar Sharma describes as spiritual high.

One final note: The album cover is about as lovely as you’ll ever see, worthy of the unsurpassed beauty and grandeur of Canada, something I was fortunate to witness myself one unforgettable summer spent in the Canadian Rockies during my teenage years. 

1. anthéne: “Letters From Across the Sea”
2. Slow Dancing Society: “Devils and Deeds”
3. orchestramaxfieldparrish: “The Clouds of Michelangelo”

 – Michael Robinson, August 2019, Los Angeles © 2019 Michael Robinson

All rights reserved Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).

Updated November 02, 2018


Eleven years in the making, Fazio has produced a very different album unlike any in his history. An art / rock / ambient sensibility seen through the eyes of an artist with a reverence as well as a lightheartedness for the historical importance of our shared musical experiences. Through the past, fondly.

Fazio, known foremost for his beloved orchestramaxfieldparrish ambient project, is a veteran of the downtown NYC experimental performance scene of the 1980’s and college radio alt rock scene of the 1990’s has been part of hundreds of recordings, independent film soundtracks and modern dance recital music.

The Vast Apart is Fazio’s 35th recording on his Faith Strange imprint since 1992. Limited CD pressing in gatefold card sleeve | unlimited DL

Exquisitely recorded and mastered in 24bit / 96k high fidelity.

Soundcloud preview:

sales | info | distribution inquiries:

http://www.faithstrange.bandcamp.com | http://www.faithstrange.com | info@faithstrange.com

“Never one to overindulge himself, Fazio’s textures and patterns service the tune far more than any egotistical self-journey.” – Brainwashed

“Artfully navigating the interstices between experimental ambient and a distillate of neo-classical.” – Igloo Magazine

“Fazio’s hand is more than capable.” – WHITE_LINE

“This is music that is beautiful, powerful, intimate and cinematographic; the end of a great trilogy of some of the finest ambient music; in whatever form Mike Fazio wishes to play this. He shows he has a few tricks up his sleeve.” – Vital Weekly

“In a perfect world, there would be a place for explorative music of such genuine quality in thousands of receptive listeners’ homes, but such a world, alas, doesn’t seem to be the one we inhabit.” – textura

“one more reason to consider him amongst what I consider to be the unsung contemporary masters of the Musique Concrete style of experimentalism alongside more well-known names such as Daniel Menche.” – Heathen Harvest

Updated November 15, 2017

Two new works planned for the new year:

Almost complete and ready for pressing is the latest Gods Of Electricity album entitled ‘Thus Spoke’. Original sessions were recorded two years ago and now has finally been completed. This album consists of the trio setting of Mike Fazio (electronics, etc.), Thomas Hamlin (percussion) and David Conrad (double bass). Limited edition CD / download formats.

Additionally, there will be a new album from Fazio entitled ‘The Vast Apart’. Original sessions were done in 2009 as demos for a planned live project that never came to fruition. The tracks have now undergone a re-imagining and remix and are scheduled to be released as a limited edition CD / download release as well.


Updated February 14, 2017

A Guide For Reason – Aftertones is released

A Guide For Reason


The Fifth

A Guide For Reason





The Fifth

A Guide For Reason




The Fifth

A Guide For Reason






The Fifth

A Guide For Reason




The Fifth

A Guide For Reason




A collection of works to induce a dream state, whether during waking hours or during REM.
Keeping with my long time interest and research in memories and dreams, their origins and their consequences on our daily lives, this collection of music continues that thought process and is intended to expand ones outlook on what is and what could be, in a perfect world.The digital format and to a slightly lesser degree the memory stick format can open up a world of experimentation for artists today, if one chooses to keep an open mind, musical formats that do not adhere to the physical limits of hard formats such as the CD, CDR and vinyl LP. This collection of music could have easily been 300 minutes or 30 minutes but in the end I settled with a length of 55 minutes. I could very easily envision these dream drones lasting for hours.-mf-

An unlimited digital release in wav, aiff, mp3, flac, alac and other hi-resolution digital downloads through Bandcamp

Limited edition usb drive with 24bit / 96k files – edition of 18 (SOLD OUT)

Updated October 23, 2016

After a very long silence, Faith Strange is pleased to announce the release of two brand new orchestramaxfieldparrish works:


orchestramaxfieldparrish – Instant Light


orchestramaxfieldparrish – A Midsummer’s Night

Thanks for your interest in the works,


Updated October 1, 2016

Faith Strange is very proud to announce the imminent release (by mid-October 2016) of not one but two new orchestramaxfieldparrish titles. There are only 100 copies printed of each of these cd’s in gatefold digisleeves. If you would like to reserve a copy please drop us a line through the contact page. Cheers.


Instant Light
instant light-webscan-2
A Midsummer’s Night

Updated September 11, 2015

Archival Series launched with two Gods Of Electricity releases:

To release some of the many, many recorded works from the label throughout the last 10 years that have never been released for one reason or another, the Archival Series through Faith Strange has been started in digital form only for the time being but may be in hard format as well down the road. The first two releases come from 2008, ‘Spock’s Brain’ b/w ‘Miles Out’ from Gods Of Electricity, a 2-sided “digital 12 ep”, remixed and mastered specifically for the dance floor and beyond. The original versions were part of the follow up album to ‘Sundiving’ called ‘Miles Out’, finished but never released.

The second in the Archival Series is ‘Automatic’, originally recorded in 2009 and released on the DVD compilation ‘Lightwerx: Georges Méliès’ as ‘Mobilier Fidele’, this new version has been remixed and remastered for digital release. The track was part of the sessions that would have comprised the third Gods Of Electricity album ‘Night And The City’, a decidedly change in direction into organic, free form improv without the use of any synthesizers or electronics, still as yet unreleased. These two releases have been posted as ‘pay what you want’ for the time being and can be found here:

Faith Strange Recordings Digital Editions

Other archival works are planned for release.


UPDATED June 14, 2015

The new redesigned website is finally up and running.



UPDATED May 30, 2015

A new review for A Guide For Reason XIII – XIV has been published in textura, the most extraordinary music magazine there is today:


UPDATED April 27, 2015

The faithstrange.com website is undergoing a long overdue overhaul onto new web design software and onto a new hosting computer. This is caused by the unexpected demise of its trusty home, an old Mac G4, which has finally traversed the Rainbow Bridge of computer hardware. I guess any computer that has lasted 16 or so years is cause for celebration but when it unexpectedly ceases, it always takes one by surprise nevertheless.

Any new updates to the site will occur here until further notice. Paypal buttons will continue to work as usual for those interested in ordering titles but if for any reason there are glitches, feel free to drop a line.

UPDATED March 23rd, 2015

XIII – XIV, the fourth A Guide For Reason album is released


UPDATED January 11, 2015

New interview with guitarist Mike Fazio in Musique Machine

UPDATED September 9, 2014

Some new works may see the light of day in the coming months. As of this writing, there are at least 10 finished works in the can. Whether or not some or all of these will be released in the next year is an unanswered question in this severely changed music industry. Formats are yet to be solidified due to the ever increasing costs to ship a 12″ overseas now ($19.00) which will bring any new limited edition lp close to $35.00 retail. CD’s are now $10.00 to ship for overseas mail. Since the international audience is the largest for all things Faith Strange, these realities are being weighed considerably. Amazon worldwide and CD Baby are still the best bet for buying anything still in print on Faith Strange and you can always drop us a line to buy direct which is always preferred. We will not be issuing anything new solely as a download only release anymore unless we secure a distributor who is willing to carry wav files instead of solely mp3’s and flacs, but downloads will be available after the physical format is finally released. This is being done to preserve this music on superior, longer lasting physical formats for true collectors who prefer music this way.



UPDATED October 20, 2013

The Out Of Work Communist Radio goes live

UPDATED October 15, 2013

Sonic Arts Society debuts with four releases on Faith Strange

UPDATED June, 2013

A Guide For Reason – Iconography (fs16) – CD / 24 bit digital / 16 bit digital is released

Fazio – Interiors (fs17) – 24 bit digital / 16 bit digital is released

UPDATED May 7th, 2013

Well, I should never say any new work is going to be released when I think it is, since now I know all present day manufacturing plants cannot keep to their schedules and there are always bumps in the road that have to be put up with, so, Iconography, the third A Guide For Reason album (to borrow a phrase from Roxy Music) now looks like an end of May release. A whole lotta thanks to those who have emailed and asked about this, (all emails are welcome, so please feel free).

A short update to the release schedule for 2013 is as follows:

Updated May 2013 – A Guide For Reason – Iconography (fs16) – CD / 24 bit digital / 16 bit digital

The first 50 copies will have a printed insert with a free download code for 16 bit FLAC (or MP3, AAC, etc) digital files for fs17: Fazio – ‘Interiors’, originally recorded during the long hot summer of 2010 and part of Music From The Strange Box, which was a small micro, private pressing of  a 4 cd box set, only given to record labels for promotional use only. Sorry for the ultra limited pressing but the cost of doing a 4 cd box set in recent years is one, most if not all small independent labels can do without. Interiors as well as Iconography will be released in 24 bit and 16 bit digital file sets and both levels of fidelity sound wonderful, whichever one chooses, and I feel the deluxe edition of Iconography that include copies of Interiors will be a nice surprise for those who purchase Iconography and a special thank you for their interest. Interiors consists of 3 tracks and are guitar based whereas Iconography consists of 4 (lp side long tracks) and is predominately electronic based, making the deluxe version the equivalent to 3 albums for the price of one.

I do hope these releases are found by others just as musically moving and eclectic as I find them. If anyone will like to reserve one of the 50 copies, please feel free to drop a line at info (at) faithstrange (dot) com

* As of this writing, there are about 25 or so left.

Updated May 2013 – Fazio – Interiors (fs17) – 24 bit digital / 16 bit digital




UPDATED January 12, 2013

For those so inclined, I have started a new blog about celebrating the art of music making. It is called:

the out of work communist

I hope to add posts on a fairly regular basis as time permits.



UPDATED  December 13th, 2012

Scheduled for release in 2013 on Faith Strange:

Gods Of Electricity – Thus Spoke (fs16)

A Guide For Reason – XXIII – XXVI (Iconography) (fs19)



best wishes



UPDATED September 2nd, 2012

“…September’s here again. September’s here again.”

Work has progressed rather nicely on the next Gods Of Electricity release which will be titled ‘Thus Spoke’ (fs16), surviving a studio multi hard drive crash and monitoring system malfunction (what next?), this high definition state of the art recording consists of two tracks and showcases an expanded line up which includes fellow Chill Faction comrade David Conrad (on upright bass), along with Fazio (etc…) & Hamlin (drumming). ‘Thus Spoke’ can be seen as the logical next step from 2006’s highly acclaimed ‘Sundiving’ in that it is firmly grounded in the forward thinking and free form improvisation of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew period, with all of the electronic experimentalism that Gods Of Electricity has pushed the forgotten genre into. There have been several recordings done since ‘Sundiving’, mostly unreleased, with the exception of the work for 17 Pygmies ’13 Blackbirds’ (2007) and the Trakwerx Collective’s ‘Mobilier Fidele’ (2009).

UPDATED May 24th, 2012

Several Digital Editions of Faith Strange Recordings are now available through Bandcamp.

The first two Digital Editions are A Guide For Reason ‘I – VI’ and, A Guide For Reason ‘VII – VIII’. There are plans for others to be posted, in particular some of the out of print Life With The Lions recordings circa 1992 – 2008, which some dear people have inquired about. This will enable others the opportunity to hear these releases who do not own a stereo system anymore and only listen to music on portable digital devices and it will be in line with the desire to keep the recordings catalog available after the initial pressings are out of print in the physical domain. This will also open the door for others to purchase superior sounding FLAC files as well as 24 bit wavs (when available) through the only artist-friendly on-line music service giving recording artists the freedom to offer these choices. Faith Strange has also made it possible the opportunity for those who want the choice of receiving both the digital edition immediately as well as the physical format mailed to them, together at an economical price.

UPDATED March 29, 2012

Two new recordings have been released:

Fazio – Élégie

The first of two guitar works for March 2012, Mike Fazio steps out of his orchestramaxfieldparrish nom de plume and delivers a work of riveting guitarsonics for the ages. Expanding on the concept of abstract guitar improvisation started on the Actualities Tapes series from the 1980’s New York underground DIY scene, and later on widespread cd form with 2008’sThe Silent Breath Of Emptiness, Élégie takes this concept one step further into three, long form, electric guitar compositions. Part of a planned series of abstract guitar recordings to be released in the future.

Strictly limited one time cd edition of 200 in a matte finished digipak, handmade booklet & vellum wrap.

Recorded and mastered in 96K / 24 bit audiophile audio.

This exquisite guitar work can be purchased in the Faith Strange shop.

Soundbites can be heard on the soundpage.

Fazio – All At Once The Remote Go Forth My Soul And My Seeking, The Unknowable Becomes Known

The second of two guitar works released March 2012, this one on Quiet World out of the U.K., is now available. This new work consists of improvisations for guitar, recorded in one pass on the beautiful morning of August 21, 2011. A unique collection of sublime, mystical and thought provoking guitarsonics. The track ‘Extending Wings’ can be heard here.

“For the past few years I’ve been the lucky recipient of a series of stunning (both visually and aurally) albums from New York musician Mike Fazio. Working under an array of pseudonyms – ‘Gods Of Electricity’, ‘orchestramaxfieldparrish’, ‘A Guide For Reason’ – he has provided me with hours of immersive fun. Now simply using his surname, Mike has provided us with a stunning set of improvised solo guitar pieces that will bend your head in all mannner of interesting ways.”

– Quiet World label description

UPDATED December 02, 2011

Planned for 2012 are several new Faith Strange Recordings. The beginning of the year will see Fazio – Élégie (The Years Between The Wars – Volume I). Somewhat delayed due to several pressing & printing conflicts but will now be released in the early part of 2012 on cd. There is a Volume 2 & Volume 3 in the works but these will not see the light of day until 2013.

There will be another guitar album from Fazio also to be released in the early part of 2012 but this one will be on another label run by a dear fellow traveler of the Æther, but any more than this bit of info will not be divulged until then. These two albums can be seen as somewhat of a continuation of ‘The Silent Breath Of Emptiness’ being collections of guitar improvisations but very much stand on their own as unique guitar statements.

There will be two Gods Of Electricity works released, ‘Thus Spoke’ & ‘Night And The City’, both only available on extremely limited runs of 180 gram audiophile lp’s, the first commercially available recordings since 2009’s contribution to ‘The Trakwerx Collective’. These albums showcase the new expanded line up of the ensemble and will act as the springboard for their first live shows in the New York area in the new year.

There are two A Guide For Reason releases finished (IX – XI – Interiors) & (XII – XXII – The Vast Apart) and these will be available as 24 bit downloads as well as in several other formats. Both of these works take the project two steps further towards redefining the unclassifiable. Interiors being quite a tense listen and The Vast Apart being just the opposite.

god bless


viva la revolución



MF’s 20 favorites of 2011:

(in no particular order)

Kate Bush – 50 Words For Snow

Gavin Friday – Catholic

Peter Gabriel – New Blood

Miles Davis Quintet – Live In Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series Volume 1

David Sylvian – Died In The Wool – Manafon Variations

Johann Johansson – The Miner’s Hymns

Peter Murphy – Ninth

Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins – A Scarcity Of Miracles

Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd – Bordeaux

Levin Torn White – s/t

Ian Holloway & Banks Bailey – A Slow Feather Falls

Chubby Wolf – Turkey Decoy

Autechre & The Hafler Trio – ah3eo & ha3oe (ae303)

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Summvs

Andrew Chalk – Violin By Night

Elodie – Echos Pastoraux

Conrad Schnitzler, Borngraber & Struver – Con-Struct

Van Der Graaf Generator – Grounding In Numbers

ø – Heijastuva

Vladislav Delay Quartet – s/t


UPDATED on June 25, 2011

Ye of all things of strange faith are happy to be presenting Gods Of Electricity for the live stage in the future. Shows are being addressed and will be announced when finalized…

Two new works have been released May 2011:

A Guide For Reason – I – VI

A Guide For Reason – VII – VIII

– more info on these two wonders of creation can be found here: A Guide For Reason

A short video has been posted on Vimeo for “One Of These Is True. This Is True.” taken from VII – VIII. Minimal and to the point. It can be viewed here.


faith strange recordings now out of print:

Jo Gabriel – The Unreachable Sky – fs4 (please visit jogabriel.com for reprinted edition)

Jo Gabriel – Tinderbox – fs3 (please visit jogabriel.com for reprinted edition)

l.w.t.l. – a.k.a – fs11

life with the lions – The Garden

life with the lions – …these dream days – fs1

life with the lions – …of dream days





– this blog was designed to elaborate on the musical works of composer M. Fazio and vocalist J. Ladd within the context of the experimental dream pop ensemble of life with the lions (est. 1992), the solo work of M. Fazio under the nom de plume of orchestramaxfieldparrish (est. 1999) and the left field electronic explorations and remix work of duo M. Fazio and T. Hamlin working under the project name of Gods Of Electricity (est. 2005), as well as an assortment of other projects that may or may not be in progress at one particular moment, all under the umbrella of Faith Strange Recordings (est. 1992) – a totally independent music imprint.

occasionally this blog will comment on the works of fellow travellers near and dear to us as well as reviews on the works of other experimental artists that have truly inspired our own music.

and occasionally this blog will (hopefully) spur discussion and debate about happenings that have affected us, more often than not, in a very direct manner.

moreover, this space will be used to comment on the present state of affairs of today’s independent music scene and how it affects the daily lives and careers of experimental artists, with the goal of bringing together like-minded artists to instigate change in the present status quo.

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